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Support groups
The GFIDF is in contact with the girlfriend immediately after the loss of her fallen soldier. From that moment on, the GFIDF assists the unmarried partner with any needs that may arise from this loss. Members of the GFIDF are encouraged to join a support group where they are able to connect and bond with other members who are often grieving at the same time they are. These support groups take place all over Israel and are led by professionals recommended by the Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Defense.
Locating the grieving spouse
The GFIDF coordinates closely with the IDF in order to locate grieving spouses immediately following the death of an IDF soldier. Anywhere in Israel, volunteer GFIDF Staff meet with the spouse and his/her parents during the Shiva to introduce the GFIDF as an organization and offer emotional support. Today, the volunteers of the GFIDF include veteran members who serve as mentors, provide support and accompany the newly grieving partner during the period following their loss until they feel ready.
Support groups
Through a supportive network of paid and volunteer therapists all over Israel, the GFIDF provides private therapy for partners during the first 3 years following the loss of their partners as well as veteran individuals who are in need of therapy. Therapists are matched to the bereaved girlfriend/fiancé based on her individual needs.
Yearly meetings
The GFIDF provides yearly meetings to facilitate connections between the members in order to foster strong support network to empower the individual. These annual meetings are attended by members new and old and take place in a relaxing environment.
Private therapy
Private therpay
Yearly meetings
The GFIDF organization
and the IDF
The GFIDF organization works to include the grieving spouses to those eligible to receive a formal notice about the spouse's death (as with the official notice the immediate family receives), receipt of a special vacation for the Shiva days, receipt of a special leave for memorials etc.
The lobbying efforts of the GFIDF is motivated by the desire to ease the pain of the unmarried partners as they deal with their grief. It does not aim to equate their status with that of the immediate family or of widows with respect to financial assistance or benefits received from the state and does not lobby for such rights for unmarried partners of fallen soldiers.  
The GFIDF annual memorial
Unmarried partners of fallen IDF soldiers do not receive formal recognition of their relationship when they lose their partners. This creates feelings of alienation and helplessness as they struggle to cope with their loss. As a response to the requests of the girlfriends, the GFIDF holds an annual memorial for girlfriends to commemorate their fallen soldier.  This unique memorial is held a week before Israel’s Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers (Yom Hazikkaron).
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