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A Girlfriend Left Behind

The GFIDF was founded in 1998 to provide psychological and emotional support to the unmarried partners of fallen IDF soldiers in order to assist them as they rebuild their lives.

Contact us at 972-50-829-8292

About Us

Founded in 1998, The Girlfriends of Fallen IDF Soldiers (GFIDF) provides the unmarried partners of fallen IDF soldiers with emotional support and the tools for rehabilitation.


The Girlfriends of Fallen IDF Soldiers (GFIDF) was established in 1998 with the original purpose of providing emotional support for the girlfriends of fallen IDF soldiers. Today, as the only organization in Israel that caters to the unmarried partners of fallen soldiers, the GFIDF stands alongside grieving partners during their most difficult times and assists them through the process of rebuilding their lives after this loss.  


More than 40% of fallen IDF soldiers are in a relationship at the time of their death. Despite this reality, unmarried partners are overlooked by IDF and government procedures, as they are not considered part of the fallen soldier’s family. Because of this, the GFIDF steps in and meets with these individuals during the critical moments following the loss of their partner. The GFIDF not only understands the devastating grief experienced by these young people, but also the scarring reality that a once secure future has evaporated with the loss and will require help, support and love to be rebuilt. The GFIDF takes care of the needs of these young partners and supports them through every step of their grieving process.

The organization currently supports more than 400 men and women who lost an unmarried partner during regular or reserve IDF service,  regardless of the cause of death: war, car accident, suicide or an illness. The GFIDF works in full cooperation with the IDF and is funded by The Israel Ministry of Defense.


The GFIDF was founded after Michal, Phyllis’s daughter, lost her fiancee in Lebanon. Since then, Directors Phyllis Heimowitz and her daughter Tamar Heimowitz, have been running the organization on a volunteer basis. Rina Kahan, who lost her partner during the Yom Kippur war, joined as director in 2002.  

In the beginning of 2016, the GFIDF reorganized itself and was joined by veteren members who volunteer in various committees within the organization.

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Phyllis Heimowitz
Tamar Heimowitz-Richter
Rina Kahan
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